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YAOUNDE - Authorities in Cameroon are calling on citizens to halt the rise in coronavirus cases blamed on foreigners, visitors, and the diaspora. The US State Department's ability to provide consular services in remote, rural areas of Cameroon is severely limited by official travel restrictions and security concerns.

The outstanding border dispute is of no help and travellers are advised to avoid the unstable north of Cameroon. If you go to the far north, you cannot really talk about it, because the three countries meet there on Lake Chad. On the Nigerian side, mountains are approaching, though Boko Haram's activities on the Cameroonian side are not nearly as present.

As a result, there are also large numbers of people, including internally displaced persons and refugees from Nigeria. Cross-border migration is occurring as humanitarian flights are driven by instability, but not as much as in the past.

Although paved roads are rare away from the major cities in the west and north-west, 4 / 4 is a necessity when travelling through the eastern and central areas of Cameroon. Unfortunately you need a driver, even if you like to drive most of them yourself. There have been reports of crime, including travellers being stopped, taken hostage and demanding money, but this has not happened as often as in other parts of the country. If you do not know the conditions there, it is not recommended to walk to Cameroon unless you know the conditions there.

Check with the government of Cameroon whether your prescription (s) are legal. Make sure you have all the vaccines for your trip to Cameroon by making an appointment with a Passport Health clinic before the end of your trip. If you need to travel, get tested for viruses before you travel and get tested after you travel.

Cameroon requires that most travellers present proof of yellow fever before entering the country. Travelers traveling to Cameroon for this purpose will need a copy of the polio vaccine and the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Some people who have stayed in the country for more than four weeks may also need to provide evidence of polio vaccines.

European citizens require a visa for Cameroon, please check with your local embassy which requirements are met for each of these requirements.

For more up-to-date information, please contact your local embassy in your country of origin or the embassy website. Embassy officials and federal law enforcement have identified a number of Internet scams based in or connected with Cameroon.

Foreigners in Cameroon should be aware of the dangers of Internet fraud, especially those targeting foreigners from outside Cameroon, and their potential impact on your travel plans.

Note that Boko Haram, a jihadist group from Nigeria, operates in northern Cameroon alongside other Islamists and Salafists, and has kidnapped a number of foreigners and members of Cameroon's armed forces. They are active throughout the region of the High North and responsible for the deaths of at least one foreign tourist in Cameroon. In recent years, attacks have been carried out in northern Cameroon against Western citizens, including in Bangui, Gueckedou, N'Djibouti and other parts of northern Cameroon. The risk of attacks on foreign tourists in North Cameroon is high, and there is the potential for attacks, including kidnappings, attacks on hotels, restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions, or even the murder of foreigners.

Cameroon should be one of Africa's leading destinations, but transport and accommodation are chronically underdeveloped. Of course, this may be unfair, but we all know that countries like Tanzania and South Africa are known for their wildlife.

Therefore, it is essential that you obtain a visa for Cameroon from a travel document expert before your trip. We make the process of obtaining a visa for Cameroon and from Cameroon easy and take care of all the details on your behalf, regardless of the purpose of your trip.

The internet is widely accessible in Cameroon and you can keep in touch with your friends and family while visiting this fascinating country. There are several telecommunications companies that offer mobile data packages, and this is also true in Africa. In Cameroon, it is helpful to supplement written communication with mobile phones, SMS and other forms of online communication.

If you are planning a trip to Cameroon, you can find out in our section Coronaviruses what you need to know about the local coronavirus. Get a check from our travel doctors at Passport Health to see if you are vaccinated against yellow fever in your country of origin as well as in other parts of the world. If you are travelling in Douala or anywhere else in Cameroon, make sure your vaccination is up to date and that you have been vaccinated.

The best time to visit Douala and the rest of Cameroon is during the dry season between November and February. Book your flight to Cameroon in March or April as this is the best time to observe the animals at water holes.

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